World Diabetes Day 2008

I don’t talk a lot about my journey with diabetes here because I don’t want to turn off my readers who can’t relate to living with this condition. But I do want to highlight diabetes today on World Diabetes Day because it is so important to know where you and the children in your life stand.

Many people should be taking steps to prevent the onset of diabetes by making some very basic lifestyle changes, but don’t know how important that is or how close they are to being diagnosed with diabetes. I didn’t pay attention until I was told I had an A1c of 13% (more than twice the normal 6%) and that I had to do something to protect my life.

You can assess your diabetes risk by using the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Risk Calculator:

Diabetes Risk Test

You should also familiarize yourself with the common symptoms experienced by people who have undiagnosed diabetes:

Diabetes Symptoms

In addition to talking to your doctor about your risk factors and symptoms, take a few minutes to download the World Diabetes Day booklet and educate yourself about the particular issues facing children and adolescents.

World Diabetes Day 2008 Booklet

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