Winter Me: All About Needles

I had hoped that my next post-Botox migraine situation update would be a glowing report. Unfortunately, the migraines have not stayed at bay.

It has been one month since I received the second set of Botox injections. They gave me a little over a week of complete, blissful relief. Not one attack during that time frame.

After that period passed, the attacks returned and settled into the same pattern I’ve been managing for the past few years.

At first, I think I was in denial that all I got was a single week of relief. I kept searching for evidence that my pattern was even a little bit better. It’s not.

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading and the rest of my time knitting. My migraine attacks have kept me close to home, but at least I’ve been able to do the things I enjoy while I’m stuck here. So what if I’m only able to do repetitive, simple knitting patterns. Who doesn’t like a nice, warm scarf?

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