Update: My Experience with Botox for Migraine Prevention

I received Botox injections for migraine prevention about a week and a half ago.

The procedure went well. Some of the shots hurt a lot more than others, but as soon as the needle was removed, the pain was gone. I probably would have thought it hurt more if I was just doing it for vanity. I haven’t had any pain from the injections since.

My mom went with me, but she wasn’t allowed to stay in the room. Initially, that made me much more nervous because I really wanted someone in there to hold my hand. Fortunately, Dr. C and his nurse were fantastic. He was reassuring and gentle the entire time. They made the process so much easier.

So far I’m not noticing any improvement, but I’m still hopeful. I’ve already decided to get it again in three months regardless of how it goes this time because I read a study that said maximum benefits are seen within six months. I think it only makes sense to try it again and know for sure.

As for how my forehead muscles feel now, I don’t really feel anything until I try to raise my forehead or frown. Then it feels oddly tight, but not at all painful. My forehead does.not.wrinkle. It’s kind of awesome!

My insurance company refused to pay for the procedure, so my parents kindly paid for it in full. I hope Botox will be approved by the FDA for migraine prevention soon so insurance companies will stop playing these games with our pain.

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