Update: Finally Feeling Better

I have finally recovered from my horrible 5+ day migraine.

I had a migraine from Monday night through Saturday (that lingered somewhat into Sunday, though I felt much better). I ended up at the hospital for treatment Friday. I was able to get in to see my doctor Friday morning a few hours after I called them desperate for relief. They got me in immediately to start IV treatment. It only brought me down from about a pain level of 8 to a 4, but at least I felt much better.

Luckily my mom was able to come on very short notice to take me to see my doctor and get the IV therapy. It was so nice to not have to take a cab and be there all by myself.

Other than the excruciating pain and awful nausea, my only irritation was that my local neuro wanted to send me home to try using another dose of an Imitrex injection. Nevermind that I’d just told him that I’d already used two doses, a dose of Zomig nasal spray, Tramadol, Zanaflex, and Reglan to try to treat the multi-day attack. How in the world was that his best suggestion? If that was my only option why would I have come to see him? I had to suggest IV therapy. At least he didn’t fight me on it.

I’m feeling pretty good now. Hopefully, I’m going to get a break of some kind from these unrelenting attacks. I really, really need it.

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