Trying Another Migraine Preventative

About a week ago I had an appointment with my local neurologist to follow up on the Botox injections I received for migraine prevention.

Unfortunately, the Botox did not have the desired effect. My migraine pattern has stayed the same since I received the injections with the exception of one very good week and one very bad week.

I came to the appointment with a few ideas of possible preventative medications to try, including Amitriptyline and Trileptal. In preparing for my appointment I tried to pick out options that a lot of other people have success with, but that I had never tried before. I’m also interested in trying Keppra and Lyrica, but I would consider both to be much more experimental options.

My doctor liked the idea of Amitriptyline the best, so I started taking it the same day. I’m working up to a dose of 40 mg over the course of a few weeks. We will evaluate how I’m doing from there.

Amitriptyline is a tricyclic antidepressant. You can learn more about Amitriptyline at this link:

Drug Information for Amitriptyline Oral

I’ve stopped taking the CoQ10 supplement. I was on it for about four months and didn’t see any benefit. I feel like I gave it a good trial run. It’s a pretty expensive supplement, so I just don’t see any reason to continue spending money on it when it seems clear that it’s not helping me.

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