Tonight’s Migraine Chat: Holidays & Do Overs

Please join us for Migraine Chat this afternoon/evening, Wednesday, November 28. This edition of our patient-focused Migraine Chat will be held at 6 pm CT / 7 pm ET / 4 pm PT in our password-protected chat room.

Migraine Chat is a great place to get support from other migraine patients who know what you’re going through. If we can help by sharing information we will, but more importantly, we’re here to listen.

I know the holidays can be an incredibly difficult time of year on many levels, so our chats through the end of the year will reflect our need to talk things out with people who understand.

The theme for today’s chat is: How was your Thanksgiving holiday & what will you do differently at Christmas as a result of how it went?

Follow this link to get the directions for participating, a time zone converter and other relevant details about Migraine Chat:

No RSVP or registration is required to participate. In fact, you can participate anonymously, if you prefer.

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