Struggling & Depression Seem to Go Hand in Hand

Even though I go through periods of managing quite well with my depression, more often than I care to admit I’m struggling. I know what helps me manage, and I know I’m not doing all those things. Clearly getting back to some of the strategies that keep me functioning well has to be a priority. But how in the world do I do it? Everything little thing feels overwhelming and seems out of reach.

I feel like I’m stuck. Knowing what you need to do and making yourself do it are two totally different things. I do feel lucky that I can recognize depressive behaviors in myself now. For years I would just ignore the really worrisome behavior and shuffle along with my head down. So I’m giving myself credit for being able to admit things aren’t going well and for telling my loved ones that I’m struggling.

I came across what seems like an interesting, helpful book on called Get It Done When You’re Depressed. I downloaded the first chapter for free and it looks like exactly what I need: a kick in the pants to encourage me to do what I know I need to do. I have all the tools in place, but they aren’t doing me any good if I’m not using them. I’m going to get a copy of this book and work on doing what the author encourages. I don’t want to keep living with what feels like an elephant sitting on my chest.

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