Stop Retreating into Myself: A New Plan for Living My Best Life

I’ve noticed lately that when my pain becomes unbearably bad or extends for an unthinkably long stretch I find myself retreating into myself and ignoring all the things that help me cope when I feel that way.

I find it difficult to make myself stop and think about what helps me cope. Instead of settling in with an ice pack and some aromatherapy, I tensely sit gritting my teeth and bouncing my foot, desperately hoping for relief. Instead of drinking water, I imbibe on soda after soda, hoping the caffeine will give me some kind of energy boost. Instead of meditating and breathing I try anything and everything to distract myself.

Since I’ve come to the realization that I’m nearly out of medication and therapeutic options, I’ve been thinking a lot about where to go from here. I’ve concluded the right move is to be as healthy as I can be given my limitations. My hope is that this will give me a better quality of life and help me cope with the pain I can’t avoid. I want to cut the chemicals and fake, processed foods back out of my diet, avoid soda, drink more water, get gentle exercise, stretch, schedule more frequent massage and acupuncture appointments and practice mindfulness regularly.

The comprehensive pain management program at The Lemons Center I told you about last week seems to fit naturally into this game plan. I hope the physical therapy aspect of the program will allow me to get my body moving and teach me some additional stretches I can do to improve my range of motion and reduce my pain. It should also be helpful in establishing my health goals as habits.

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