Raw Feelings About Diabetes, Baby Lust

In case my previous posts about motherhood and pregnancy haven’t made it clear, I want a baby. I strongly resent all the health-related obstacles in our path.

I do a pretty good job of not thinking about it constantly. I spend time reading, knitting, chatting with friends, watching television, swimming, people watching and so on.

But whenever something pulls my focus back, I feel the smack of our reality just like a slap in the face.

A recent headline ominously announced that being born to women with diabetes puts children at three to four times the risk of being born with a serious birth defect.

Diabetes Triples Women’s Risk for Birth Defects

CDC Press Release

My initial thought upon reading this was that only if I was an uneducated, selfish cow would I know all this and intentionally become pregnant anyway. Harsh, I admit.

But on further reflection, I realized there are a lot of unanswered questions about this research.

The news coverage does not address how well controlled the patients’ diabetes was or whether they had good prenatal care. For all, we know a fair number of these diabetic women did not take the proper steps to control their diabetes before, during or after their pregnancies and the birth defects were a reflection of that. Further, we do not know if they had other risk factors that might have increased the likelihood of their children being born with problems.

Instead of continuing to focus on my feelings of despair, I decided to concentrate on what I can take away.

First, I need to see a reproductive endocrinologist. Next, I need to get answers to the many questions I have. Chief among them is how long my blood sugar needs to be at a stable level before I should consider trying to conceive. Finally, I need to make taking excellent care of myself my top priority. What better motivation could there be?

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