President Bush To Sign ADA Amendments Act

A couple of weeks ago I told you the awesome news that the Senate had passed S.3406 the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments bill. The House signed on to the Senate version of the bill on Wednesday, September 17, 2008, placing the bill just one step away from officially becoming law.

White House Statement on ADA Amendments Act

Last week the White House issued a press release stating President Bush’s intention to sign the bill into law. According to American Association of People with Disabilities, he will be signing the bill in the Oval Office Thursday morning in front of an audience of Congresspeople.

White House Signing Expected Thursday Morning

Enactment of this law is a huge victory for the disability rights community. The bill rejects court decisions that have diverted the ADA from the original Congressional intent and restores the law’s ability to protect anyone who faces discrimination as a result of the existence or appearance of disability. In particular, it protects the disabled status of people whose diseases can be well controlled with medication and other treatment devices. It represents a hard fought compromise between advocates and employers.

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