Odd Perks of A High Risk Pregnancy

It goes without saying that no one wants to have factors leading to what’s considered a high-risk pregnancy. But I knew this was the path I’d be going down if I was lucky enough to conceive, so it’s not exactly been a surprise.

What has been a surprise is how awesome it is to experience the perks, if you will, of the close monitoring physicians demand.

I get sonograms at least once a week, giving me the chance to see and hear my beautiful baby girl and how she’s changing. I also get the reassurance that everything is going as well as we could possibly hope based on what we’re able to determine given the limits of current knowledge and technology. Cliff doesn’t get to see her as much as I do, but he’s able to make it to some appointments and enjoy the sonograms with me.

It’s crazy how fast the time is going, but I’m grateful to know we’re both doing well.

Content by Diana E. Lee.

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