Gossip & Much Unknown: Dr. Diamond, National Headache Foundation in the News

According to Crain’s Chicago Business, a former executive director of the National Headache Foundation, Robert Dalton, has filed a lawsuit against the current executive chairman and original founder of the organization, Seymour Diamond, MD.

The lawsuit apparently claims Dr. Diamond attempted to give a drug company improper control of the National Headache Foundation’s educational programs in exchange for money.

Dr. Seymour Diamond is a well known headache specialist. Dr. Diamond founded the National Headache Foundation and the Diamond Headache Clinic, both in Chicago. Dr. Diamond is Director Emeritus of the Diamond Headache Clinic and no longer sees patients.

The National Headache Foundation (NHF) is a membership organization that educates and supports headache disorders patients and their families. They host online chats with experts and in-person educational programs. They have a magazine for people living with headache disorders and migraine called Head Wise. It’s not only appealingly designed, but also full of helpful educational content.

The lover of the law in me wants to remind all of us that we only know a small part of one side of this story at this stage. An accusation has been made. If the lawsuit continues, we may learn more.

We have no idea how, if at all, this lawsuit or the accusations in it may affect Dr. Seymour Diamond, the NHF or the Diamond Headache Clinic. I have not seen the lawsuit, but the article published yesterday does not mention the NHF or anyone else as defendants in the lawsuit. Just Dr. Diamond.

I hope all of us, myself included, can be open minded as we learn more about this situation. Especially since new information will probably not be available any time soon.

1. Ellyn Fortino. “Migraine doctor sued over executive’s departure.” Crain’s Chicago Business, August 23, 2012, accessed August 24, 2012, http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20120823/NEWS03/120829899/migraine-doctor-sued-over-executives-departure.

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