Migraines, Meet Your New Enemies

With each day it seems like a new thing happens with my personal health situation that goes on the list of things to update you about. I’m finally sitting down to write about all of it. To make it easier for all of us I’m going to use bullets to give you the highlights.


I had an appointment with my local neurologist, Dr. C. He did a general neuro exam because I had a scary incident of falling and fainting. We talked about trying botox again, and I requested a referral for pain medication management. Things ended on a positive, hopeful note.
My mom and I went to Dallas for two days so I could get treatment from Dr. Krusz, my migraine specialist. I received IV treatment (ketamine and magnesium) and we developed a new preventive strategy to try.
I started taking a SNRI medication called Savella for migraine prevention. I’m slowly working up to a therapeutic dose, so it’s way too soon to know anything other than that I’m tolerating it well.


My primary care physician Dr. M has been prescribing my pain meds for years. When I’ve seen pain specialists in the past they’ve focused on doing procedures on me, and when those didn’t work they were not willing to work with me on medication management. My local neuro referred me to the local pain management clinic, where I’ve been meeting with their physician assistant about my pain medication and devising a plan to give me better pain control. I really like her. She’s a great listener and willing to respect what I’ve learned about what does and does not work well for me. I’m very grateful I’ve finally found my way into her office.
Dr. C. did Botox on my head and neck for the third time last week. He used more of the medication this time and injected in slightly different places. Despite feeling a bit faint after the injections, it went well and I felt better after a few minutes.
We’ll just keep plugging along and take things as they come. Hopefully one of these new things will make a significant difference.

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Content by Diana E. Lee.

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