Migraines & Depression: Oct 08 Headache Blog Carnival

Welcome to the October 2008 edition of Headache and Migraine Disease Blog Carnival.

Generally speaking, a blog carnival is a collection of links to a variety of a blogs on a central topic. The Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival has been created to provide both headache patients and people who blog about headaches with unique opportunities to share ideas on topics of particular interest and importance to us.

For the October 2008 carnival I solicited submissions on the topic of the complex relationship between migraine disease and depression. I also welcomed entries of general interest to headache and migraine sufferers. Please continue reading for this month’s collection of posts.

Rain Gem presents Migraine and Psychiatric Disorders – Positive Deconstruction of Correlative Comorbidity posted at RainGem – Migraine News. Threatments, Research and Opinions.

Mary Kay presents Migraine Triggers: The Effect of Depression posted at Headache Adviser.

Rena Sherwood presents What Have I Done to Deserve This Headache? posted at Dealing with Headaches. This post strongly resonated with me. I always thought my migraine attacks were punishment for something I’d done wrong when I was a child. Letting go of that misperception has been hard. Even last week when I had an unrelenting four day migraine, I found myself falling into that type of thinking. It’s a deeply ingrained habit, but far too damaging to how I feel about myself and my situation.

Ellen Schnakenberg presents Control a Chronic Health Condition with This Fun Project posted at Ellen Schnakenberg’s Posts at WEGO Health, saying, “Most people dealing with chronic pain issues eventually end up suffering a degree of depression. Living in pain is difficult, even for the strongest of us. This is the first in a series of posts taking the reader through a project designed to make living with a chronic health condition easier for you and your family. Hopefully, in making your day to day life with pain easier and less stressful, the good times can be great and the bad times can be better.”

James Cottrill presents 12 Ways to Evaluate Migraine News posted at Headache and Migraine News Blog.
Rosalind Joffe presents Chronic Illness, Health Insurance and Foreclosures at Working with Chronic Illness.

Missy presents Proms and Migraines Don’t Mix posted at Missy Frye on HubPages.

Rich Leverage presents Is Your Exercise Routine Giving You A Headache? posted at Weight Ladder.

The Daily Minder presents 9 Effective Ways to Beat a Headache at Work posted at The Daily Mind – Making the Daily Grind Meaningful, saying, “Some extremely effective ways to beat a headache at work. These are simple methods that have worked for a real migraine sufferer.”

That concludes this edition. Thank you all for your participation in the October 2008 carnival.

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