Migraine Prevention: Is Exercise More Effective Than Medication?

You have probably seen the multitude of recent headlines asserting exercise is more effective than medication for migraine prevention. These stories are based on information from a 2009 study, but as is so often the case, the headlines don’t tell the whole story.

Dr. Dawn Marcus recently wrote a piece about this research for Migraine.com (Expert Review: Exercise & Migraine). She provides a more comprehensive outline of what the research actually found than most news stories and shares some important take aways. The most significant of these in my mind is that we need to take a collaborative, integrative approach to migraine prevention. It’s not about one single thing, such as only taking medication or starting an exercise program. In reality, it’s about combining tactics. For example, medication, exercise, and relaxation for a combined greater benefit over each approach individually. This kind of approach is what I mean when I speak of behavioral pain management.

I highly recommend you read Dr. Marcus’s article for more information about the exercise and migraine study.

Expert Review: Exercise & Migraine

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