Medicare Options are Mind Boggling, Especially for Disabled People Like Me

Over the holidays I received information about my Medicare benefits, which are scheduled to start in April. While I’m excited to have the financial help with my medical issues, I’m completely overwhelmed by all the options and having a horrible time trying to find the approach that will adequately meet my needs.

There is Medicare Part A (hospitalization coverage), Part B (additional medical coverage, but not including prescription benefits), a bunch of different Part C (Medicare Advantage) plans, Part D (prescription benefits) or Medigap plans (plans through private insurers meant to cover the gaps in Medicare benefits). I feel sure a Medicare Advantage plan, coverage through private insurance companies that covers everything covered by Parts A and B and typically provides additional benefits that vary greatly from plan to plan, such as prescription drugs, dental or vision, is right for me because there is no chance I would have to deal with pre-existing condition concerns as a disabled person and before I started serious investigation they seemed like the most simple, streamlined option.

But now that I’m examining all the Medicare Advantage plans I’m feeling increasingly worried and scared. I need a plan that covers prescription drugs. This much is a given. Between my diabetes, migraines, and depression, I can’t get by without help paying for my prescriptions. However, I also have to consider whether a given plan will allow me to go to my current doctors, who I definitely want and in some instances need to keep seeing. The prescription drug coverage in the gap between the initial level of coverage and catastrophic coverage is also of concern. Some plans don’t provide any benefits in that gap, while others provide at least some help. In the same way that I can’t possibly afford a plan with no prescription coverage, I definitely can’t afford a plan with no coverage in the gap.

In going through my options I thought I could just find a plan that met all these considerations through a process of elimination. The Medicare website provides awesome comparison options that help you determine which plans cover which items and what the other various terms of the plan would be. Unfortunately, it appears that no single plan available in my state and county offers exactly what I most prefer and feel I most need.

I’m increasingly paralyzed with fear at how to make this important decision. I’m a smart, educated person, and I’ve worked hard to do my research and familiarize myself with my options. So what the heck am I supposed to do now? This really sucks.

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