McCain, Obama Support ADA Restoration Act

Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain promised his support for proposed changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act at a disabilities forum in Columbus, Ohio, last week to celebrate the law’s 18th anniversary.

McCain Vows to Back Changes to Disabilities Law

McCain was a co-sponsor of the original 1990 bill. Rather than criticizing the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the law, he said Congress must assume responsibility for clarifying and strengthening the law to ensure it provides the intended protections.

“We must clarify the definition of a disability to assure full protection for those the law is intended to serve,” said McCain.

Sen. Tom Harkin appeared on behalf of the other main presidential candidate, Sen. Barrack Obama, who was returning to the United States from an international trip and unable to attend. Harkin said Obama also supports the ADA restoration bill.

About a month ago the House passed a version of the ADA restoration bill that extends its protection to people who use prosthetic limbs or take medication for diabetes, epilepsy, and cancer.

The bill rejects court decisions that have diverted the ADA from the original Congressional intent and restores the law’s ability to protect anyone who faces discrimination as a result of the existence or appearance of disability.

ADA Restoration Act of 2007
ADA Amendments Act, HR 3195
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