How I Manage My Health Using iPhone Apps

One of the cool things about having a smart phone (and, I’ll admit it, being so addicted to it I can’t go anywhere without it) is the ability to use it to keep track of important health reminders and data. These are three (free) iPhone apps I rely on daily to keep track of my various medications, diabetes information, and migraine attacks.

Glucose Buddy

I use Glucose Buddy to track my blood sugar (glucose) numbers, which I test at least four times a day. I also track my diabetes-related medications and injections using this program and always log my blood test results (A1c) when I get them from my doctor’s office. This program makes the process of diabetes disease management much, much easier, which is awesome because it can be rather burdensome to do all the things you need to do to take good care of yourself each and every day.


I’ve been using the Ubiqi iPhone app to log my migraine attacks for about nine months now, and I really like it. Although you can’t edit your entries on the iPhone app, you can edit them on the Ubiqi website, which is the next best thing. You can also print out reports of your data to keep for your own records and to take to your doctors. Keeping a migraine diary/journal is incredibly important, and programs like this make it pretty easy.


Pillboxie is a cool little app that sends you medication reminders according to your schedule and needs. I discussed it in a recent Found post, which you can read here: Found: Free Medication Reminder App for iPhone, iPad.

Content by Diana E. Lee.

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