Hobbies & Coping: October 2010 Headache & Migraine Blog Carnival

Welcome to the October 2010 Headache and Migraine Disease Blog Carnival.

The Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival has been created to provide both headache patients and people who blog about headaches with opportunities to share ideas on topics of particular interest and importance to us.

The theme of the October carnival is “How have your hobbies helped you cope with your headache disorder?”

Maintaining some sense of normalcy by continuing or developing a hobby of some sort is incredibly important when you live with migraine disease. It helps you relax and maintains some pleasure in life, which can be hard considering how busy we all are and how many different directions we can be pulled in. My favorite hobbies that I’m mostly able to continue doing despite migraine disease are reading, blogging, knitting and watching and following college football and college basketball. The great thing about these hobbies is that when I’m feeling up to it I’m able to get out of the house and interact with other people at book club and knitting groups. I spend way too much time at home alone, so that’s really important for my well being. What hobbies help you cope?

Please read on for this month’s collection of posts.

Emily shared Head Shots at No Extended Warranty about her very cool hobby of creating collages that represent what’s going on in her life using photos of her head.

Kathy shared Headache Hobbies posted at TMJD & Me.

Jamie submitted My Hobbies about how of some of her favorite hobbies have been negatively affected by her migraine disease and how she tries to keep them up, posted at Chronic Migraine Warrior.

Dana Morningstar shared My Favorite Hobbies to Help Me Cope with Headache Pain at I Already Gave My Right Arm to be Ambidextrous.

Michelle submitted We Need Distraction posted by Brainless Blogger.

Betsy shared Have Hobbies Helped Me Cope with Migraine Disease? posted at Migraine Journey.

Teri Robert shared Coping with Migraines via My Hobbies posted at Putting Our Heads Together.

Nancy Harris Bonk submitted Does Quilting Help Me Cope with Migraines? posted at Migraines & Other Headache Disorders.

Migrainista shared Thankful for Things to Do posted at Migrainista.

Andy Honaker submitted Hobby Horsing Around posted at Against the ‘Graine.

Christina shared Hobbies: My Tool for Coping with Chronic Pain posted at Through the Words of Chronic Pain.

James Cottrill submitted Migraine and Hobbies posted at Headache & Migraine News. He offers great advice for selecting a hobby that works well for people living with migraines.

Pam submitted Having a Hobby Can Help You Cope with Migraine or Any Other Illness posted at Pink Pearl Girl’s Migraine World.

Thank you all for being part of the carnival! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to do much as I wanted to describe of all these great posts. I have a had a terrible migraine the past few days and ended up feeling lucky to get all the links included. I know you guys can relate.

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