Hard Times, Good Times with Chronic Migraine

If I’m going to go this long between posts here at Somebody Heal Me, I think I owe it to you (and to me) to come back sharing some good stuff.

It’s been an especially rough time with both Migraine attacks and depression the past couple of months, but I’m trudging my way through. Every so often there is a little bit of good, and I’m trying not to let those things slip away too easily.

I have a pretty high amount of student loans from undergraduate and law school, and I’m not able to pay them down due to my disability. I recently heard from the student loan holder that I meet the criteria for a discharge of my debt due to total and permanent disability. I hate the label, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to try to rescue my credit from utter destruction.

On a moderately hot Sunday in July, Cliff and I went to a Kansas City Royals game against the Boston Red Sox. It was an incredibly fun day, and the Royals even won. I haven’t been to a winning Royals’ game since I was a kid. I felt like a little girl again cheering on a winning Royals team. We may or may not make the playoffs, but I’m proud either way.

Last weekend on an even hotter Saturday afternoon my dad, Cliff and I went to a Kansas State football game in our newly renovated stadium.

The team had lost their first game of the season, so no one knew what to expect. They played a lot better this week. Despite some mistakes, they managed to pull out a win. It was one of the hottest and humid days I’ve experienced in years, but my body held up as well as could be expected.

I didn’t collapse. Let’s just marvel at that. And despite a close call when I asked my dad to pull the truck over on the way home, I didn