Guilt: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Managing the emotions that come along with living with chronic illness is not a straightforward process. Once you’ve done some work – gone to therapy, worked through some of your issues – it’s tempting to think you’ve achieved a solid milestone and will only move forward from there. But it just doesn’t work that way.

Though I’m dealing much better with my feelings of guilt today than I was five years ago, I’m perhaps not doing as well with them as I was six or nine months ago. That’s a hard thing to admit.

I feel guilty about not being able to do very much around the house. It’s not as organized or clean as I’d like, and I put the blame for that on myself.

I feel guilty for taking a nice vacation when I can’t even support myself financially. Even though I know it was important for us to get away together, I don’t feel like I deserve anything good or special like that in my life. What have I done to earn it?

I feel guilty for watching so much TV. Nevermind the fact that I read a lot and for the most part take care of everything that absolutely must be done. Would a person of worth spend this much time in front of the boob tube? Probably not.

Even though I feel great about being able to contribute a bit toward our household expenses every month, I still feel guilty about not working and earning a real adult professional salary like I once did. I don’t blame myself for that like I used to, though. So that’s a definite improvement.

What do you feel guilty about? Has it become any easier for you to deal with? If so, how?

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