Fun in the Sun: July 2012 Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival

Welcome to the July 2012 edition of the Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival. The response to this month’s call for submissions was great, and I’m excited to share so many different perspectives with you on our topic.

Our theme for this edition is: Fun in the Sun: Summer is all about vacations, parties and concerts for most people, but when you live with migraine disease, triggers complicate all of these activities. How do you find ways to enjoy the fun without ignoring your migraine triggers? How do you cope when migraine takes away your fun plans?

Summer is tough season for people living with migraine. For many of us its as though all our worst triggers align and conspire to keep us away from family, friends and fun.

For some of us there are things we can do to minimize our triggers and still enjoy summer activities. For others, it’s all about learning how to cope with missing out.

Emily Guzan shared Summer Heat and Migraines at That M Word: A Migraine Blog about missing out on events over the summer and trying to help people understand why.

Ellen Schnakenberg shared June is Bustin’ Out All Over at Migraine Interrupted. In this post Ellen talks about times when embracing the moment allowed her to make great memories with her family.

Candy Meacham shared Here Comes Summer! at Art of Migraine about knowing and respecting your limits.

Steph shared Having Heat Hate at Head Wise with her tips for coping if you decide to brave the heat. But she avoids it most of the time, just like me.

Migrainista shared Summer Bummer about her disdain for triple degree temperatures.

Katharine Hope shared Fun in the Sun at Healing My Migraines, which includes her tips for minimizing migraine triggers when you’re outside in the heat.

We also have some off-theme submissions this month.

Kerrie Smyres shared Reading, A Migraine Loss Recovered at The Daily Headache about the victory of being able to read again after increasingly severe chronic migraines stole that hobby from her. As someone who loves to read and consumes books like air, I’m thrilled for Kerrie to get this back.

Gerry Fryer shared Keys to Communication Between Caregiver and Migraine Sufferer at Migraine Independence.

Finally, Nancy Harris Bonk shared a post about the recent weird headlines about a man whose headaches are brought on by watching pornography: July 2012 Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival at Migraine and Other Headache Disorders.

* * *

The August edition of the Carnival will be hosted by Nancy Harris Bonk at her blog Migraine and Other Headache Disorders.

Our theme will be: Head Above Water: Share your tips & tricks for keeping up with household tasks & chores when you live with migraine disease or another headache disorder.

Submissions are due by midnight (the end of the day) on Friday, August 10. Please email your submissions to me at somebodyhealme AT dianalee DOT net and I will pass them along to Nancy.