Feb Headache Blog Carnival: love & romance with migraines

Welcome to the third edition of the Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival.

Generally speaking, a blog carnival is a collection of links to a variety of blogs on a central topic. The Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival has been created to provide both headache patients and people who blog about headaches with unique opportunities to share ideas on topics of particular interest and importance to us.

For the February 2008 carnival I solicited submissions on the topic of how to have romance & love in your life when you have migraines, but also welcomed entries of general interest to a headache and migraine sufferers. Please continue reading for the February 2008 collection of posts.

At times even suggesting we remember what romance or sex was like leads my husband and me into fits of raucous laughter; at other times into tears. It really depends on the day. Either way, we both miss the past, when we didn’t have to squeeze in time together and fit intimacy around my never ending migraine episodes and other health issues.

Missing that closeness over the past few years have been hard on both of us. Luckily we’ve turned toward each other when the strain becomes too much to bear rather than mistreating one another or going outside the relationship for comfort. And even though I wish our quality time together was much more frequent, at least I don’t ever take it for granted now.

I can only imagine that my fellow migraineurs experience the same struggles in their attempts to date and sustain meaningful relationships. So while the rest of the world is stressing about whether to give roses or chocolates, I thought it made sense for us to think about how we can make the best of our circumstances and pump up an easily overlooked area of our lives.


  • InnerDorothy shared a beautiful entry about the changes illness brings about and the memories it leaves behind: Unforgettable. I haven’t been able to keep it off my mind since I first read it.
  • James at the Headache & Migraine News Blog shared some creative ways to spice things up in your relationship: 9 Aphrodisiacs for the Romantic with Migraines.
  • Headache Adviser shared wonderful advice for nurturing our relationships that we can put to good use all year long: Valentine Headaches.
  • MaxJerz composed and submitted a sharepost at My Migraine Connection about keeping the home fires burning in spite of the pain of frequent migraines: Keeping the Romance Alive in the Face of the Beast.
  • Kerrie at The Daily Headache shared a classic post from last summer on the topic of this month’s theme: Romantic Relationships, Marriage and Chronic Illness.
  • RainGem shared an enormously helpful post on minimizing eye strain in front of the computer: Resting Place for Your Tired Eyes.
  • Rena at Dealing with Headaches shared information about one option for addressing migraines during pregnancy: Nutritional Therapy for Migraines in Pregnancy.
  • Nourished Magazine submitted a fascinating post on the role of insulin resistance in chronic disease: Insulin Resistance: The Real Culprit.

Thank each and every one of you for sharing these thoughtful posts. I’m thrilled with the responses I received this month. Thank you for helping make this project a success.

We’ll continue the Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival on the second Monday of each month. Look for the March 2008 Headache Blog Carnival on the theme of “maintaining friendships when you have headaches & migraines” on Monday, March 10th.

Entries are due by midnight on Friday, March 7th. They may be submitted through the form on the carnival website or directly to me by e-mail.