Favorites: November 2013 Headache Disorders & Migraine Carnival

Welcome to the November 2013 edition of the Headache Disorders & Migraine Blog Carnival.

Our theme for this edition is:

Your favorite Headache Disorders-related blog post since the last carnival.

Please keep reading to see the variety of Headache Disorders-related topics shared by our contributors.

Michael Fernandez shared Migraine Discussion – A Community Tribute Poem posted at Migraine Discussions.

James Cottrill shared New Migraine Drugs: What about CGRP? posted at Headache and Migraine News.

Kerrie Smyres shared The Silencing Effect of Chronic Illness posted at The Daily Headache.

Migrainista shared The Next Step in My Treatment posted at Migrainista.

Finally, please don’t miss this wonderful submission from the partner of blogger Andy Honaker about being a partner and caregiver to someone who lives with the burden of a disabling Headache Disorder:

Migraine: Are You Listening?

Planning ahead? Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming December 2013 Headache Disorders & Migraine Blog Carnival.

Theme: Reflecting on 2013: What was good & what was hard about living with Migraine or another Headache Disorder this past year?

Host: Somebody Heal Me, Diana Lee

Submission Deadline: midnight, Friday, December 6, 2013

Carnival Posted: Monday, December 9, 2013

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