Evaluating Treatments, Medications & Procedures: September 2009 Headache Blog Carnival

Welcome to the September 2009 Headache and Migraine Disease Blog Carnival.

The Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival has been created to provide both headache patients and people who blog about headaches with opportunities to share ideas on topics of particular interest and importance to us.

The theme of the September carnival is “Evaluating treatments, medications & procedures – how to gather information & make decisions.”

Please keep reading for the September 2009 collection of posts.

Emily Field presents a post detailing where she looks for information about treatments online, Double Checking Info: How I Research, posted at No Extended Warranty.

Chrissy presents a post about crazy treatments and the times when we find ourselves considering or trying them, CRAZY…Try This Offers, posted at Through the Words of Chronic Pain.

Rosalind Joffe presents a post about her decision to come out about how her chronic illnesses have affected her marriage, When Chronic Illness and Marriage Collide, posted at Working with Chronic Illness.

Stephanie presents a great two-part post about the search for a headache specialist, The Interviews Have Begun and The Interviews Have Begun II, posted at Head Wise.

I would like to share one of my own posts related to this month’s theme, Deciding Whether to Gamble on Botox for Migraine Prevention. I ultimately decided to try the Botox injections, but these were the ways in which I evaluated my options. Unfortunately the Botox only gave me very temporary relief, but it was worth trying.

Submit your blog post to the October 2009 edition of the Headache and Migraine Disease Blog Carnival using our carnival submission form or by e-mailing your submissions to me directly. The theme will be “Alternative therapies – your experiences (good or bad), thoughts about trying them or any other take on the subject.” Entries are due by midnight on Friday, October 9, and the carnival will be posted right here at Somebody Heal Me on Monday, October 12.