Doctor Dilemma: Practicing What I Preach

Little things here and there just keep screaming out to me, “YOU HAVE PCOS!”

PCOS is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, for the unfamiliar.

I know at least two women who have dealt with chronic migraines who ended up having PCOS, and I pretty much fit every aspect of the disease profile:

– irregular menstrual cycle
– diabetes
– high cholesterol
– depression
– obesity
– (some) extra hair growth
– low Vitamin D

But I feel like I must be wrong because I’m seeing many doctors, including an endocrinologist, and no one has ever even suggested I might have this. Wouldn’t someone have brought it up as a possibility? Or is my endo completely overlooking a big possible explanation for all of my issues?

I should just ask my endocrinologist Dr. M II whether I could have this and see what she says. Unfortunately, I’ve set things up so that I’m intimidated and thus far unwilling to speak up for myself with her.

It started back near the beginning of our doctor patient relationship. She doesn’t agree that my thyroid function is abnormal or in need of medication, while Dr. Krusz says it definitely is.

I have a more established relationship with him and I know he’s looking at the right numbers in my labs to make that determination.

I don’t know what numbers she is looking at because I didn’t ask. I felt too intimidated. Instead, I went back on the thyroid medication with Dr. Krusz’s okay and didn’t raise the issue with her at all. Now I sure as heck don’t feel comfortable bringing up a whole new condition and asking her whether I might have it. I couldn’t even take a stand on the thyroid issue.

When I talk to all of you about interacting with your care providers I encourage you to be assertive. I would probably tell someone having this experience with a doctor to look for someone else. I don’t feel comfortable with her because I don’t think she’s up to date on certain issues, such as thyroid, and I feel rushed by her. I like her, but that’s probably not good enough.

I don’t know that having this diagnosis would make a huge difference in the way we’re approaching my health. We would keep treating each element pretty much the way we are now. But having a bigger picture context might help the way I feel about my situation. It might give me some perspective I’m currently lacking. And overcoming my reluctance to practice what I preach would be good for me.

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