Coping Strategies: April Headache Blog Carnival

Welcome to the April 2008 edition of the Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival.

Generally speaking, a blog carnival is a collection of links to a variety of blogs on a central topic. The Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival has been created to provide both headache patients and people who blog about headaches with unique opportunities to share ideas on topics of particular interest and importance to us.

For the April 2008 carnival I solicited submissions on the topic of your best basic advice for coping with migraines, but also welcomed entries of general interest to a headache and migraine sufferers. Please continue reading for this month’s collection of posts.

InnerDorothy presents My Brave and Hopeful Heart, saying, “It has taken me three long years, but I think I finally understand that coping can sometimes include radical self-care. Right now I need to regroup and gain back some strength so that I can cope even better in the future.”

Megan Oltman presents Coping, Hoping, Moping and Other Strategies posted at Free My Brain from Migraine Pain.

Teri Robert at My Migraine Connection presents Migraines & Headaches: Coping and Staying Whole.

Kerrie Smyres at The Daily Headache presents Three Things Each Day, Even if That’s Only Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Deborah at Weathering Migraine Storms presents a detailed view of her personal experiences in Coping with the Pain.

Debbie Fister
 presents Coping with Migraine and Chronic Pain posted at Down the Rabbit Hole: The Journey of a Migraineur.

Janet Geddis
 presents Migraine & Travel posted at The Migraine Girl, saying, “This entry helps migraineurs cope with a minefield of triggers: travel and all its intricacies.”

Eileen Gray presents Fighting the Good Fight posted at My Life with Migraine.

 presents Sinol All-Natural Fast Headache Relief posted at Allie’s Answers, saying, “I just tried Sinol after three days of a headache I could not kick and it was like magic.”

Dave Hobbs presents How Do I Beat Insomnia – Part 3 – Proven Methods posted at HowDoWhy, saying, “Many of the techniques listed in this post are multi-purpose and I use them specifically to help with migraine pain.”

James Cottrill at Relieve Migraine Headache: Headache & Migraine News Blog presents Why Migraine Auras Are the Way They Are.

Rena at Dealing with Headaches presents a super funny entry titled Tom Cruise: The Spirit of Migraine, saying, “Science does not know the cause of migraines. I do; it’s Tom Cruise.”

Rain Gem presents 15 Best Sites for Migraine and Headache News posted at RainGem – Migraine News. Treatments, Research and Opinions.

GNIF Brain Blogger presents The Chattering Brain – How Chronic Pain Throws our Cortex out of Sync.

Anthony presents Your GI problems may be giving you a headache! posted at Joyful Digesting.

Thank you for sharing these excellent posts and helping make this project a success.

We’ll continue the Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival on the second Monday of each month. Look for the May 2008 Headache Blog Carnival on the theme of “
Migraines and Physical Activity: How do you remain active? at Bobblehead’s Atomic City blog on Monday, May 12th.

Entries are due by midnight (the end of the day) on Friday, May 9th. They may be submitted through the form on the carnival website or directly to me by e-mail.