Building Resiliency: September 2011 Headache & Migraine Carnival

Welcome to the September 2011 Headache and Migraine Disease Blog Carnival

You may have noticed the carnival is being published in the evening today rather than the morning, as is typical. My husband and I spent a wonderful week on vacation in San Diego, and when we got home Saturday I was so tired blogging was the last thing on my mind. I decided to let myself have some extra time to recover, so that’s why I’m about 12 hours later than usual in putting up the new edition of the carnival. (Photos & stories will be coming soon!)

The Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival has been created to provide both headache patients and people who blog about headaches with opportunities to share ideas on topics of particular interest and importance to us.

The theme of the September carnival is “Building Resiliency: How do you bounce back when life kicks you in the chin? What can you share with fellow migraine & headache patients about how to build their coping skills to better handle unexpected, tough situations?” I received a bunch of wonderful entries on this topic. I’m so pleased this many migraine & headache bloggers were able to participate this time and share their thoughts & experiences on this topic!

Gretchen Rautman shared A Toothless Grin at There Be Migraines Here.

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Jamie Valendy shared Building Resiliency posted at Chronic Migraine Warrior.

Migrainista shared Resiliency posted at Migrainista.

Sue shared Six Years posted at Inner Dorothy.

Thank you for all your submissions and ongoing support of the carnival!

Submit your blog post to the October 2011 edition of the Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival by sending your submissions to me by email. (Unfortunately some of us have had problems with the submission form on the site from time to time, so I suggest you just avoid it. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience.) The theme will be: “Scary Migraine Episodes: What is the scariest migraine attack you’ve ever suffered or witnessed?” Submissions are due by midnight (the end of the day) on Friday, October 7. The October carnival will be published by Sconesail at Falling Through Pain on Monday, October 10.