Bite-Sized Mindfulness Practice for Coping with Extremely Tough Times & Pain

For the past few weeks, I’ve been dealing with even more frequent migraines than usual, which is really saying something considering that I have an average of four to five days of a migraine a week. They’re mostly been tolerable enough that I haven’t had to even consider seeking emergency treatment, which is truly a blessing. Nevertheless, I’ve been finding it incredibly difficult to cope and draw upon the things that help.

When I saw my therapist recently for our regularly scheduled appointment (now that I’m back to those solid weekly sessions like a good girl), I was absolutely miserable and honestly not sure what I’d even been able to get out of the meeting. To my surprise, the session was not only incredibly helpful in that moment, but we also came up with some ideas that were easy for me to wrap my mind around despite the unrelenting migraines to incorporate the coping skills that help but can be hard to access at the worst times.