Bill To Restore Americans With Disabilities Act Advances

A series of court decisions interpreting the Americans with Disabilities Act in the 18 years since it was enacted have watered down its ability to protect American workers from being dismissed from their jobs as a result of disabling conditions.

Last week, a House bill intended to restore the ADA to its original meaning and provide the intended protection for employees with disabilities cleared a committee vote to advance to the floor for consideration by the full House.

The bill rejects court decisions that have diverted the ADA from the original Congressional intent and restores the law’s ability to protect anyone who faces discrimination as a result of the existence or appearance of disability.

It specifically forbids considering the use of medication or assistance from devices in determining whether or not an individual is disabled.

According to the New York Times, the House may take up discussion of the bill this week before Congress recesses for the Independence Day break.

ADA Restoration Act of 2007
ADA Amendments Act, HR 3195
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