Big News: Uprooting Our Lives

I’ve got some big news to share. I’m not even sure where to start explaining, so I’ll just dive in. The hubby Cliff and I have decided to move to my hometown. Here are the reasons that lead to the decision. I think a list is probably more straightforward than a blabbering narrative.

(1) I will start getting Medicare (as a disabled person receiving Social Security benefits) in April. Therefore, Cliff will no longer need to work at his crappy second job for me to have health insurance.

(2) I’m too isolated here. Cliff and I never get to see each other and we’re too far away for my parents to give us many days to day help or companionship. We want to have a real life together and enjoy time with each other.

(3) We could save money and get out of debt. My parents own the house next to theirs. They own it outright and rent it out. They bought it so they could have a say who their neighbors are. But it really turned out to be a good decision because we can move in and live there rent free. Unfortunately, the renters’ lease isn’t up until September, so we’ll have to decide when to move in part based on that. There is a chance we could stay with my parents and put our stuff in storage or something.

(4) Cliff can commute to a nearby town work as a barber. It’s about a 45-minute drive. No problem at all. I did that commute one summer and it was nothing. The town is next to an army base in the town where he currently works, so there will be plenty of opportunity for the kind of work he likes to do.

We are sort of leaning toward renting out our house in Lawrence. Cliff’s friend from work might even be interested in renting from us. I’ve learned a lot from my parents’ experiences with renting a property and have become extremely familiar with landlord/tenant law as a result of their struggles, so I feel confident in our ability to make it work out successfully.
This is a decision we made just last week, so I’m still kind of trying to wrap my mind around all of it.

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