The Beauty of Not Choosing

One of my favorite ways to make a decision is to avoid making a decision. Admittedly this option lacks the allure of being a rationally-based, well thought out choice, but it doesn’t require much effort. None at all, really.

Given that I’ve tried so many medications and treatments for my chronic migraines with no positive results, my answer to the question of what to try next has been to ignore the situation. Instead, I’ve been treating my attacks and symptoms and focusing on my diabetes. I can control the factors related to my diabetes and the behavioral choices that affect my blood sugar in a readily observable way. This creates enormously powerful motivation to make good choices. Almost nothing I do or don’t do seems to make a noticeable difference in my migraine attacks, making it difficult to stay motivated to try.

I’m always reading and looking for new ideas of things to try. It has been a while since I saw anything that sounded remotely promising. However, I remembered that a doctor I had a referral to once suggested it might be a good idea to try lithium as a migraine preventative, especially because my attacks bear some resemblance to cluster headaches. So that is a possibility. I also read that some patients who have not responded to any other preventative medications had good results with using tranquilizers such as Klonopin, Valium or Xanax as preventatives. One of these might be worth a try. I certainly can’t see much harm in giving this option a shot.

It’s high time I stopped sitting on my hands and waiting for something to change without trying anything different. I’m pleased to have come across some promising ideas, and I hope my doctors will be on board with trying some of them.

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