Migraine and Other Headache Disorders

Welcome to the August 2012 Headache and Migraine Blog Carnival

This month’s blog carnival brings us a unique look at a topic that we all can identify with; keeping our homes in order while we have a chronic illness. The theme is: Head Above Water: Share your tips & tricks for keeping up with household tasks & chores when you live with Migraine disease or another headache disorder.” However, we usually take posts unrelated to the theme – as long as they have to do with headache disorders and Migraine disease.

I received a wonderful selection of blogs from Diana Lee. I’ve included them all and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Candy Meacham writes a lovely blog called the Art of Migraine and her post is called “Head above water.”

Diana Lee from Somebodyhealme gives us lots of good tricks for cleaning in “Simplify Life with Migraine and Chronic Illness: Cleaning.”

Kelly Lynn Thomas from Miss Migraine goes a bit off topic (which is fine) and writes, “How Supporting Local Agriculture Helps My Migraines.”

This post, “Migraine-Free Household Chores” written by Emily Guzan, is full of great tips. You can find more of her writings at That M Word.

Migrainista writes about “Keeping Up.” We all know how hard it is to keep up with anything and have Migraine disease. She also writes a new neat post called “Thank you Thursday” you may also want to take a peak at.

Elaine4queen (how I do love that blog title!) has a fabulous post on how she is feeling after Botox injections – but it is so much more than that. Check it out for yourself at “On Mute.”

And mine can be read at Health Central’s Migraine Community, Nancy Harris Bonk, “Keeping My Head Above Water With Migraine Disease.”

I hope you all enjoyed this months blog carnival. It was an honor to be able to host it and publish all these wonderful blogs. Next month’s blog carnival is being hosted by Falling through Pain. The theme for September is “Talking About Migraine Disease: How do you talk to the people in your life about migraine disease? How open are you? What do you share and what do you keep to yourself and why?”

Thanks for reading,