Roles I Play: Wife, daughter, friend, mommy to Felix the cat and Maisy the Jack Russell Terrier, lawyer, blogger, advocate, liberal, spiritual being, person with chronic illnesses.

Things I Love: Reading (especially novels & humor), movies, laughing, social media, knitting, college football, the Flint Hills, writing, learning, style, Kansas State Wildcats, the law, journalism, reality TV, listening to music, animals, style, meditation.

Dear Reader:

Somebody Heal Me is a blog that blends news, information and experiences about life with migraine disease, depression, chronic pain and other chronic and invisible illnesses to educate, inform and inspire readers.

I have had migraines for 25+ years and chronic migraines for more than 10 years. I also live with depression, occipital neuralgia, IBS, degenerative disc disease, diabetes and PCOS.

Chronic migraines have nearly taken over my life. I started having migraines when I was six years old, but until 2003 I had them only periodically and found it fairly easy to manage my life with them. Having four or five migraines a week is taking a toll on me. It is hard work being sick and trying to get well, but I’m hanging in there.

I’m engaged in seeking out news and information about migraine disease and related health issues, and I enjoy being able to pass what I learn and read about along to other patients and their loved ones. I also have a lot of thoughts about my life with these conditions, and getting all that out of my head helps so much. I love to write, and Somebody Heal Me has given me a fantastic opportunity to write about issues that mean a great deal to me.

In addition to my work here at Somebody Heal Me, here is a list of other projects I’m involved in:
Patient Advocate, Educator & Blogger for Migraine.com.
Secretary & Patient Board Member for the American Headache & Migraine Association (AHMA) patient organization.
Founder & Host of Migraine Chat.
Founder of Headache Disorders & Migraine Blog Carnival.
Contributor to American Council on Headache Education’s ACHE Tuesday series.

Despite being physically unable to work, as an attorney and advocate I am passionate about using my limited energy to help other patients as they explore their options with respect to accommodations, insurance appeals and applications for disability benefits. If you would like to discuss your situation, please send me an e-mail. I will not share your e-mail address or any personal information you might share in an e-mail with anyone. Your privacy is very important to me. Please be aware that emailing me does not constitute the start of an attorney/client relationship.

I haven’t been able to find a medication or treatment plan that successfully prevents my migraine attacks. So for the foreseeable future our focus is on managing my symptoms, especially my pain and nausea. If you’d like to know which medications I take and more about the other treatments and coping strategies I use, please read this: Diana’s Treatment Plan.

My participation in a behavioral pain management program helped me develop better coping skills and taught me how to start using a more holistic approach in the management of my health conditions. I learned gentle, low impact exercise was possible for me despite all exercise being a migraine trigger. I practiced my meditation and relaxation skills. I learned how to rely less on medication and Western medical options. This experience has shaped Somebody Heal Me as much as it has shaped me.

I love being able to help people, as that helps me cope with my situation, too, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions you think I can help with.

Diana E. Lee