Past Headache & Migraine Blog Carnival Themes

This is an archive of past themes for the Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival.

  • December 2007 — Surviving the holidays.
  • January 2008 — Starting the new year off on the right foot.
  • February 2008 — How to have love & romance in your life when you also have headaches & migraines.
  • March 2008 — The challenges of maintaining friendships for headache sufferers & migraineurs.
  • April 2008 — Basic strategies for coping with headaches & migraines.
  • May 2008 — Migraines and Physical Activity: How do you remain active? — Exercise can act as a natural preventative for migraines. But it can also be a trigger. How do you integrate activities, from going for a simple walk or tending the garden to more strenuous activities like shooting hoops or running, as a migraine sufferer?
  • June 2008 — How to Have a Fun, Healthy Vacation in Spite of your Migraines.
  • July 2008 — How Spirituality Helps Us Cope with Migraines.
  • August 2008 — How You Handle People Who Don’t “Get” Migraine Disease.
  • September 2008 — Your best tips on improving communication between patients and their doctors.
  • October 2008 — Exploring the Complicated Relationship Between Migraine Disease and Depression.
  • November 2008 — Art Inspired by Living with Headache & Migraine Disease.
  • December 2008 — Maximizing Your Enjoyment of the Holiday Season.
  • January 2009 — What Keeps You Going When You’re Suffering.
  • February 2009 — Sex & Migraines – having a sex life despite migraines, migraines caused by sex, when sex can help with migraines – anything goes!
  • March 2009 — Advice for Creating a Migraine-Friendly Living Environment.
  • April 2009 — Your favorite post of the month.
  • May 2009 — Talk about where to find support: Where do you find it & Where can other migraineurs find it?
  • June 2009 — What people don’t understand about migraines & about what it’s like to live with them.
  • July 2009 — Your favorite post of the month.
  • August 2009 — Migraines and families – genetics, parenthood, child migraineurs, or any other related topic you’d like to address.
  • September 2009 — Evaluating treatments, medications & procedures – how to gather information & make decisions.
  • October 2009 — Alternative therapies – your experiences (good or bad), thoughts about trying them or any other take on the subject.
  • November 2009 — Strategies for identifying & minimizing migraine triggers.
  • December 2009 — Advice on & experiences with reducing holiday season stress.
  • January 2010 — Healthy habits for the new year.
  • February 2010 — no carnival
  • March 2010 — Helping your loved ones understand what you go through and what you need from them.
  • April 2010 — Migraines in Literature
  • May 2010 — When It Seems Too Good to Be True…
  • June 2010 — Food, Glorious Food: How Does Food Fit Into Your Life? As a trigger or something to avoid? A comfort? A temptation?
  • July 2010 — Enjoying the summer when heat triggers your migraines – How have you dealt with this dilemma? What strategies can you suggest for others struggling with this?
  • August 2010 — How do you cope with your headache disorder?
  • September 2010 — Students and headache disorders – How have migraines & headaches affected your schooling? How has a headache disorder affected your school age child? How did you cope with balancing school and headaches or migraines?
  • October 2010 — How do your hobbies help you cope with your headache disorder?
  • November 2010 — What are you thankful for despite living with migraines?
  • December 2010 — How can we make the holidays special despite the need to limit our migraine triggers?
  • January 2011 — Taking Charge of Our Migraines in 2011
  • February 2011 — Romantic Relationships & Migraines: How are they affected? Is is possible to build a new one? Does anything about living with a chronic condition bring you closer?
  • March 2011 — Life Hacks: Tweaking Work & Life to Deal with Migraines
  • April 2011 — What frustrates you most about living with a headache disorder or migraines?
  • May 2011 — Unstuck: How do you get yourself out of a self-care rut? (If you’re feeling fuzzy about what the heck self-care is, check out this article from Psychology Today: Self-Care in a Toxic World.)
  • June 2011 — Your favorite post of the month. 
  • July 2011 — Summertime Survival Skills with Migraine 
  • August 2011 — Your favorite post since the last carnival.
  • September 2011 — Building Resiliency: How do you bounce back when life kicks you in the chin? What can you share with a fellow migraine & headache patients about how to build their coping skills to better handle unexpected, tough situations? 
  • October 2011 — Scary Migraine Episodes: What is the scariest migraine attack you’ve ever suffered or witnessed? 
  • November 2011 — Migraine Disease & Friendship: How has living with migraine disease or a headache disorder impacted your friendships? Has it shown you who your true friends are? Have you made friends or become closer to people because of your life with this disease? Please share your thoughts on friendship & chronic illness.
  • December 2011 — Reducing Holiday-Related Migraine Triggers: Share your best advice, tips & tricks for minimizing triggers while still fully enjoying the holiday season. 
  • January 2012 — What do you resolve to do in 2012 to better manage your migraines? 
  • February 2012 — Tales from the Trenches: Experiences (good & bad) on the road to finding the right migraine doctor. 
  • March 2012 — no carnival
  • April 2012 — How do you build and maintain hope when your life is dominated by migraine disease or another headache disorder?
  • May 2012 — How to create awareness about migraine disease and headache disorders as a regular patient with a life full of other obligations.
  • June 2012 — True Migraine Confessions: In honor of Migraine Awareness Month, give us your most personal, embarrassing or secret stories of living with migraine disease. Be as open as you dare.
  • July 2012 — Fun in the Sun: Summer is all about vacations, parties, and concerts for most people, but when you live with migraine disease, triggers complicate all of these activities. How do you find ways to enjoy the fun without ignoring your migraine triggers? How do you cope when a migraine takes away your fun plans?
  • August 2012 — Head Above Water: Share your tips & tricks for keeping up with household tasks & chores when you live with migraine disease or another headache disorder.
  • September 2012 —Talking About Migraine Disease: How do you talk to the people in your life about migraine disease? How open are you? What do you share and what do you keep to yourself and why?
  • October 2012 — Venting About Migraine Disease: How do you vent your frustrations about living with migraine disease in a way that’s helpful to your healing, both emotionally and physically?
  • November 2012 — Giving Thanks: What are you thankful for in your life despite living with a headache disorder or migraine disease? How do you stay focused on it when life gets hard?
  • December 2012 — Pets as Therapy: How our pets help us cope with our migraine and headache disorders.
Future themes and additional information about the carnival can be found here: Headache & Migraine Disease Blog Carnival.
Content by Diana E. Lee.
DISCLAIMER: Nothing on this site constitutes medical or legal advice. I am a patient who is engaged and educated and enjoys sharing my experiences and news about migraines, pain, and depression. Please consult your own health care providers for advice on your unique situation.

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